Dear customer, dear customer, we would like to support you in realizing your small and big wishes. Therefore, we offer the possibility of a basket funding. Individual rates and maturities ensure your flexibility. The Santander Consumer Bank AG is Germany's leading banking institution for consumer credit transactions. 

The following requirements must be satisfied in principle:

  • Majority
  • Primary residence in Germany
  • Available through a checking account at a bank in Germany
  • regular income
  • Hold a valid identity card or passport with registration card
  • For non-EU citizens is more evidence as residence and work permit and a current registration certificate are required


Additional information for trainees and students:

  • (Max. 29 years old) Funding for students is up to a total amount of € 1.200, - possible and a term of 24 months. A Proof of enrollment is required.
  • For trainees, the total amount max. € 1.000, - amount (Prerequisite: At least in the 7th month of training and living with their parents).


How does a basket funding?

  1. Just place your desired product to the cart, proceed to checkout and choose 'installment "financing" from.
  2. Enter your required data in the appropriate fields and send you request from. Your preliminary loan decision will be shown immediately.
  3. Print out the application for funding for a positive decision and sign these. If you can not print the contract, you may obtain one at Santander by pressing the appropriate "button".
  4. Just go with 1 your signed financing documents, 2 a copy of your current income proof, 3 your identity card or passport (including registration certificate) and 4 your PostIdent coupon to a branch of Deutsche Post AG and be there by an employee your identity (identity check ) to confirm. The Postident Coupon is your funding request. The legitimacy is free of charge.
  5. Once your financing application to the Santander received, delivery is to you immediately. This requires a final positive assessment of your financial documents and the availability of goods. 


Important note: If we have not received any financing confirmation from Santander Consumer Bank AG within 7 working days after receipt of your order, we automatically assume that the request for financing no longer exists. In this case, the purchase order is canceled. We ask for your understanding..