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What is Paintball?>

Paintball is a team sport in which players with compressed air guns, the markers so-called bombard yourself with color ball. The decision taken (marked) Players must then leave the pitch. Paintball can be played in Germany until the age of 18.

Paintball is generally divided into 3 types!

Woodland & Scenario

The classic Woodland field is located in the forest and contains no or very few artificial coverings. Woodland is not to be confused with illegal games in the woods. The first goal is to complete the task, it may happen that not a shot was fired at the end. In addition, this also adjusted the equipment of this variety and amount of ammunition are limited. A special feature of the scenario games are BigGames, meet extraordinary number of players in the. The world record is more than 3,500 players at a single event.


Speedball is a variety with mostly artificial coverings. The game is due to the short distances and for both parties meet arranged cover - usually symmetrical - played very fast. However, the coverages are no plastic bags instead of wood, hard plastic or other objects. Existence of the coverages of inflatable geometric shapes such as cylinders, cones and boxes, one speaks of SupAir.

Sup 'Air

Sup 'Air Fields are arranged symetrically and offer the match for both teams the same conditions. This creates a very good comparison of the counterparties. For this reason, these Spielfeldart is used in nearly all paintball tournaments and chairs. The covers are made of inflatable plastic bags which are available in hundreds of different shapes and sizes

Variants and Leagues / Tournament Series 

All versions can vary from each other in the number of participants and the equipment used. There Capture the Flag, hit the base, elimination or Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, VIP and many more options.

In Germany there is the DPL and the XSeries. As international tournament series in Germany and Europe, the Millennium Series and the CPS shall prevail. There is the German Paintball League (DPL), XPSL, XSeries, Millennium Series Champions Paintball Series (CPS), Professional Paintball League (PSP).

Paintball Equipment

Paintball marker may be purchased freely with their 18th year, provided they have a muzzle energy of not more than 7.5 joules and the labeling requirements have (an F in a pentagon). The equipment of a paintball player can contain many parts. The safety of all players and referees on a playing field is at the top spot. Without a paintball mask or at least approved safety glasses nobody is allowed to enter the field or staying on this.


Here we distinguish different classes:

Pump-action marker, where the marker must be repeats for each shot. Semi-auto that trigger a shot at each prints and automatically download the next paintball. Within the semi-auto marker will that have an electronic trigger, called ePneumaten. This name is somewhat misleading, because traditionally only markers are referred to as ePneumaten, in which the entire shot sequence is controlled electronically. So-called Real Action Markers are similar in look of a real gun. They often possess Magazine where the paintballs are stored

HP system:

The high pressure compressed air bottle (short HP bottle of English. High Pressure), stores the compressed air needed for accelerating the paintballs. The usual pressure levels are 200 bar and 300 bar with volumes of 0.8 to 1.5 liters. HP bottles have now become established against the formerly widespread CO2 bottles, since unlike the high-pressure CO2 does not depend on the temperature and on the long run a high pressure system is also more cost efficient.


As a "Hopper" (engl. For feeder vessel) or loader is called the ammunition container usually located above the marker. There is the Schüttelhopper and the electric hopper of paintballs using a paddle wheel in the marker moved in to shoot from any position.


The kinetic energy of paintballs is sufficient to inflict particular players threatening injuries on the face and around the eyes. Therefore, wearing a protective mask on the field is mandatory.

Protective Clothing:

In addition to the mask often more pieces of equipment are the paintball worn to help to prevent or minimize bruising. In addition to a Genitalschutz often knee and elbow protectors are worn and a neck guard. Even gloves are worn by many players as the hands, especially the fingers are very sensitive. There are also special pants and jerseys with sewn upholstery. They are made in many places in particularly breathable fabric, are usually cut far and often have extra pockets for small tools and run cleaner.

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