Are you planning to set up a team, or are you already a team? - We would support you as a reliable partner in the sport of paintball.
Your team will receive special team prices on all items from our range.

Your team will receive its own team account here in the online store, so you can see your own team prices immediately. The more goals or successes your team has, the more we will support it.

What do we expect from you?
You advertise for us on your team outfit or on your homepage or display our banner at match days at award ceremonies or in the Players Area.  

If you are interested in team support, please send us an e-mail to with the keyword "team support" and the following details:

  • Team name
  • Contact person in the team & contact details
  • Name list of all players in your team
  • Domain of your team homepage
  • Which league do you play or which league do you want to play
  • A recent photo of your team
  • What kind of support are you looking for?
  • What does your team want to achieve in the future?